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You are inhabitants of the continent of Astaracai, named for its greatest and first empire, a massive and impenetrable beacon of civilization far to the East.

Always a land in flux, shifting and bending as the years pass, the last decade has been one of noteworthy turmoil. The borders of great nations have shifted, some fallen completely, and new powers have risen for both good and ill.

In the face of such dire catastrophe, ancient and long-forgotten heroes rose from antiquity to protect the world… but such is the balance of the world that as light emerges, so too do shadows, and from the depths of your world’s nightmares came horrors beyond the understanding of mortal ken…

Three years ago, their origins and motivations secreted away, a group of ‘heroes’ arose. They united the world’s old protectors and have carved out a place for peace in the land… but it is a fragile tranquility, teetering on the edge of still more looming horror…

It is a time of rebuilding, as Astaracai attempts to return to some semblance of normalcy and balance… it is a time for opportunity, for the young, the eager, and the adventurous.


It is day 1 of Risen, the new Age.

The Age of the Risen